Videos & Advanced Learning

This is a very popular webinar video that was original made to visualize our investment processes and what makes us different. It has since become a very useful tool for prospects and new clients.

Short but effective explanation of Active Management

The Good, Bad & the Ugly” in the market

Hosted by Don Creech & Perry Sikes

“The Good, Bad & the Ugly” in the market
The death of thousands isn’t people
Growing accustomed to your name no more
No longer “Bye Bye Birdie”
When short of cash, raise taxes

Beleaguered Border Town

Beleaguered border town
US consumer’s resilience
American dream on hold
Old time TV
Free lunch? You gotta’ be kidding

No Free Lunch.

No Free Lunch.
Rob called regarding DOCUSIGN
Jeff called regarding $600 checks
Dinner isn’t free, either.
Kahleed asks ROTH vs Traditional IRA
Oscar from Texas: Market timing & election
U.S. Consumer dominates.

FANMAGS Undermine the Whole Concept of Diversification

FANMAGS undermine the whole concept of diversification.
Speculation is a bad habit.
The IRS demand letter scam.
FOMO is real at 10,000 buyers an hour!
“Tell it to the Judge.”
Tech Bubble concerns? Not even!